San Diego Realty Consultants

Is our investment brokerage company which historically has always sought to place it's clients in the best located properties. When our company was first established, our focus mainly concentrated on apartment complexes throughout the beach area where both incomes as well as pricing were increasing dramatically. Today, it is our opinion that ocean and bay front properties in Mission Bay Park represent some of the best choices for investment. No matter what the economic climate might be, we sincerely believe that in the long run waterfront properties are apt to experience some of the most intense appreciation due to their unique location as well as limited supply. There are, however, certain extremely critical idiosyncrasies relative to this unique market that can play a very powerful role relative to potential income as well as ultimate appreciation. Based upon our extensive involvement with waterfront properties, we have repeatedly witnessed both the adverse as well as positive impact of these considerations, particularly, as they relate to the nature and condition of the property as well as to where it is precisely situated. Therefore, what appears to be the best price does not always correlate with what ultimately becomes the best investment!!


Therefore, we have always sought to constantly analyze and understand this particular market in order to guide our clients to what we consider to be the best investment. In connection with this, we believe our success is well documented by the fact that we have been able to maintain our distinct reputation of continuously representing the same clients year after year.


San Diego Vacation Rentals


Was established in 1980 in response to what we felt was a growing need for an organization that was capable of providing the travel industry with a professional year round vacation rental program that offered predominantly waterfront homes and condos in the Mission Bay Park area of San Diego. When you stop to consider that huge condominium resorts were continually being developed and operated successfully in this manner throughout areas such as Florida and Hawaii, it seemed extremely logical to us that Mission Bay Park offered as much potential as these other regions. Although the area has remained somewhat of a secret to many travelers, we have tried to let individuals who are unfamiliar with it know that it is truly an aquatic paradise. Taking into account the fact that it encompasses close to 5000 acres and 27 miles of gorgeous shoreline, we typically accentuate to prospective guests the opportunities available for memories of unforgettable beauty, tranquility, as well as fun filled recreation. In any event, our marketing approach is apparently working fairly well as we have witnessed a constantly increasing demand for our properties over the past ten years. This is especially true for travel agents, since we are their major point of contact in terms of providing these type of accommodations (i.e. waterfront homes & condos) in the San Diego area.